Call for Ideas


The great made in Italy video recipes collection is a project by I Love Italian Food created in order to collect and show everybody how to cook the 100 must have Italian recipes.

The video recipes will be spread both through I Love Italian Food digital channels and those of our network influencers, which will be involved to promote the project.
For the next 24 months, the 100per100 Italian Recipes will stay available for all the Italian Food Lovers who are looking for our cuisine essential recipes, with an estimate of more than 50 millions users reached.

For our project we are looking for the right idea to tell a real Italian recipe through a video, with a simple, fresh, engaging and appealing approach.



We are looking for a 100% Italian recipe videos’ format idea.

It has to be the benchmark for all the Italian food lovers, in Italy, but mostly abroad.

The video does not have time length limits: the objective is to create a clear and easily understandable video, that let people cook the same recipe at home, whoever they are, wherever they live.

The shots do not have limitations, but for the recipe performer. Indeed he/she does not have to appear in the shot: the main character is the dish, the recipe and its preparation. Therefore, the ingredients and all the phases of the preparation are fundamental.
Since voices are not planned to be inserted, all the phases of the preparation must be explained through suitable graphic titles.

Possibility to insert monolingual (ITA) or double languages (ITA and ENG) graphic titles
Yes to opening and/or ending (with ingredients amounts summary).



Our goal is to promote the Italian food by communicating its stories, traditions, culture and the people who make it great worldwide. Pursuing our mission also means tell those recipes, symbol of our cuisine, that can be prepared by any made in Italy lover, anywhere, with the guarantee of making a truly Italian recipe.



Chiunque intenda partecipare alla nostra selezione, dovrà sottoporre la propria idea, consegnandola sotto forma Anybody wants to participate to our selection must create a storyboard and send the idea by 12AM on September 30th to writing the subject mail: “CALL FOR IDEAS ILIF 2017”. The proponent has also to completely fill the form available down below this page.

I Love Italian Food reserves the right to exclude the proposals which are not conform to this Call for Ideas, without a proper requested documentation or if considered incomplete.

The best idea will be selected by I Love Italian Food judgment and according to its specific needs, and the winner will be announced by October 16th. By participating to this Call for Ideas, the proponent accepts to allow I Love Italian Food to use the idea for its institutional proposes for free and with no time limits.

The winner will be credited in all the videos created and based on that idea. The winner will also receive an award of € 1.000,00.



I Love Italian Food is a No Profit Cultural Association that promotes the real Italian Food all over the world. We communicate the made in Italy worldwide by our digital platform that reached more than 250 millions of users connected from all over the world in 2016.