Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional cake from Campania, typical of the Easter period. The legends about its origins origins are many. One of the most famouse and beloved, however, tells of the legendary mermaid Partenope, symbol of Naples, who used to live in the Gulf between Posillipo and Vesuvius. It is said that every spring she used to appear in front of the people to greet and sing for them. The inhabitants were so fascinated by her voice that in order to thank her, they told seven of the most beautiful girls of the villages to give the mermaid the gifts of nature: flour, ricotta, eggs, cooked wheat, orange flowers essence, spices and sugar. The mermaid brought the gods those precious gifts, and they mixed them together with divine arts, transforming them into the first Pastiera, which was even sweeter than the mermaid's voice.